A fresh sea breeze

The year 2010 swept us from Canberra to a new and very much more relaxed life in a small town on the surf coast west of Melbourne in Victoria.

Beach walks, coffee at our favourite cafes and time to catch up with family have been wonderful and welcome.

We had been living away from the coast for too long and, although Canberra is a great place, it isn’t on the coast!

We missed the rhythm of the waves and the smell of salt in the evening air. Now we have all that and more as we settle into our new community with its long surf beaches.

The regiment of Canberra living has been replaced by a friendly informal community where people have time to say ‘hello’ and chat about the weather and the house that sold down the street. The kids ride their bikes to school in safety and people look out for one and other.

Not that Canberra was a bad place to live; it simply had a habit of taking itself too seriously.  Its inhabitants try desperately to keep up with the hurly-burly of demands from the “house on the hill” and to manage the resulting stress.

The amazing thing is our move has reminded us that most people outside Canberra don’t give a stuff about Canberra’s political ‘games’, except when those games impact directly on their wallets, or at election time (and even then they don’t always care).  Canberrans seem oblivious to how unimportant their role is seen.

We loved you Canberra, but can’t say we’re sad to have left.  But we are sad to have left behind many great friends.

Ours is an adventure with new challenges and exciting possibilities. This weekend a long-promised wave ski (pictured) was purchased as part of my get fit program. It’s been too long since I’ve ridden the waves on a ski, but that’s my immediate challenge as we enter a brand spanking new year.

Bring on 2011.


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