So now I have a new heart 

So this is me at The Alfred Hospital Melbourne after my heart-transplant.

I’m now up and walking, eating and feeling it’s good not to have the mechanical heart (VAD) attached, even though it kept me alive and getting stronger for 18 months!  So strange.

Have a long (many-months long) roller coaster recovery ride ahead, I’m told.

I have such a wonderful family and the best wife and stepson ever – Kel and Austin.

Just feeling sad that my generous heart donor died, whoever he/she was.  Thinking of that family, but also feeling so fortunate to be alive!

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2 Responses to So now I have a new heart 

  1. Tammy says:

    Dave, we are so very grateful that you are here on the otherside to spend many more years with Kelli & Austin. Sorry someone had to die but so very grateful they made the choice to be a donor. Without these selfless people and their families I shudder to think of what may have happened.

    Again grateful.


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