May the force be with you

I’m writing today from DAKI Force Central. It’s brand spanking new, if just a little small.

For the moment the ‘centre’ operates out of a hospital room in Melbourne.

Sounds weird I know, but we’ll soon be relocating to more appropriate digs nearby the hospital, then ultimately, months ahead, back to beautiful Barwon Heads.

DAKI (David, Austin, Kelli and Izzi, our cute black Kelpie) is indeed a force, in the truest sense. However, perhaps we should more accurately be called ‘team DAKI’.

We stand together as a tight little family, stepping our way through a myriad of challenges brought on largely due to my bad health.

Team DAKI’s Kel and Austin

Frustratingly, team DAKI’s progress has for several years has been little more than a slow-motion-blur, drifting as key matters beyond our control played out.

Recently that all changed. You may wish to view other blogs on this site to learn why.

Over the years I’ve run incident teams for for high-profile emergencies and politically-important events. I’ve constructed national communications campaigns. I’ve tackled projects I was told couldn’t be achieved, and succeeded. I’ve run large multi-disciplinary work teams.

DAKI Dave, a few years ago and in much better health

None came close to being nearly as important as the project our little team DAKI is about to tackle.

Ours is a challenging quest. A quest we didn’t ask for, but one we are accepting with vigour.

Team DAKI is now taking back control of our respective lives, resetting our directions, laying out plans. The march back has begun.

Simple lessons from over the years apply beautifully to team DAKI’s challenges ahead:

  • ‘Team play’ is everything – a team looks after its own.
  • Communication is crucial – strong, honest, open and often.
  • Set ultimate, believable and achievable goals – then head for them.
  • Each person has a role to play, clearly known to all, which uses their natural strengths.
  •  Plan well – understand that BIG things are best achieved through SMALL steps.
  • Expect challenges and head winds – be prepared to compromise, but not on the quality of the ultimate goal.
  • Most important of all, remember to have fun along the way (Kel: over to you, my ‘maestro of fun’).

Yes, it’s sounding bureaucratic. That’s because once it’s there you can never really take ‘the public servant’ back out of the boy! Sorry.

Key DAKI team member Izzi, ready for action

But in simple terms, we are reclaiming our momentum at school, in work, in health and in ‘family fabric’.

Frankly, I’m humbled that my little team DAKI family has stayed so tight on our way-too-long road trip. I’m humbled by the flowing love of Kel, Austin and Izzi.   Big hugs.

There’s also been a wider team DAKI support group, without whom we may well have unraveled by now: our generous families, our friends, great neighbours, understanding work colleagues, hospital staff and those people around our little town who we hardly know, but who have been following our journey.

Thanks so much all.

Team DAKI is back – the force is back with us. Now watch us hustle. See us move.

May the ‘force’ be with you all too.

Footnote: This is a revised version of my earlier blog under this title.  The revision removes some of my hospital-induced incoherent ramblings!

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3 Responses to May the force be with you

  1. philippasharprp says:

    May the Force With You too!!!
    Philippa Sharp xxxx

  2. Steve Prothero says:

    David, just added the blog to my reader so I will be up to date on all news. It was a shock to hear this news but so happy that you are on this side of it. Mate it is important to say things that need to be said and that is that is you are truely one of the real gentlemen that stick in my memory over my life. Great to hear you are on the road to recovery and would love to catch up with you once you are fully back on deck. Marilyn and I do a bit of travel so we will make it a promise to catch up soon.

  3. Jude Deague says:

    You’re my true hero big brother …….. we are right there with you …… Let’s start ticking off those towns all together, and I’m not just talking local towns, I’m talking’ “The World”, ‘coz it’s your oyster at long last! Happy days team DAKI!!!

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